Auto Diagnosis: Why Tyres Squeal When Turning

Causes of Squealing Tyres and Their Solutions

When on the road, the driver needs to stay highly attentive and focused to ensure safety. Besides navigating traffic, the person behind the wheel is responsible for closely monitoring the performance of the vehicle and taking note of any unusual, distracting noises. 

One common example in this regard is tyre squealing. It is a high-pitch screeching sound caused by friction between the tyre surface and the road pavement. It is normal for a car to encounter squealing tyres when driven and manoeuvred at high speeds. However, if the noise still occurs when driving at a normal speed, it may indicate an underlying problem.

Common Causes of Squealing Tyres

If a proper car maintenance checklist isn’t followed, any of the following issues may surface and cause tyres to lose traction and squeal. Let’s find out more about these common reasons for tyre squealing and how to fix them. 

Under-inflated Tyres

Improper air pressure leads to tyre squealing
Tyres with improper air pressure may slide or skid on the road, causing a squealing noise

Under-inflated tyres can cause a variety of problems, including reduced fuel efficiency, uneven tread wear and reduced handling ability. They can also lead to tyres squealing when turning, as the low pressure can cause the tyre to distort and lose its grip on the road surface. When this happens, the tyre may slide or skid on the pavement, which causes squealing noise from a car. 

How to Fix It

To prevent tyre squealing and other vehicle handling issues, try to maintain the recommended air pressure levels in tyres. This also protects the tyres from wear and tear, increasing their lifespan.

Uneven Tyre Wear

Uneven wear is among the most common car tyre problems that can be caused for a variety of reasons, such as bad wheel alignment, worn suspension components, or driving with under-inflated tyres. When the tread on a tyre wears unevenly, it can make its surface lumpy or deformed. Driving with misshapen tyres may lead to a squealing noise when turning. 

How to Fix It

Since uneven tread wear occurs due to the stripping away of the rubber from the tyre surface, there’s no way it can be fixed. As a result, the only way to rid of the problem of tyre squealing in such a case is to replace the deformed tyre with a new one.

Bad Wheel Alignment

bad wheel alignment can be a cause of tyre squealing
Bad alignment can lead to reduced handling due to which tyres squeal when turning corners

Bad wheel alignment is one of the most common reasons behind squeaky noises from tyres. The problem of misalignment occurs when the angles of car wheel assemblies are not set, according to recommended specifications. Bad alignment can lead to reduced handling due to which tyres squeal when turning corners. 

How to Fix It

Performing wheel alignments on a car can solve its tyre squealing issue. Correctly aligned tyres make it easier for drivers to handle a vehicle properly, enhancing its safety and driving comfort.

Problems with Suspension 

suspension problems cause squealing tyres
A car with bad suspension can lose grip on the road surface and encounter squealing tyres

The suspension system of a car is responsible for absorbing shocks and vibrations while driving. However, when it fails, the car can lose grip on the road surface, leading to tyres. Such a problem can also make the car tyres bounce or slide on the pavement, causing difficulty in steering.

How to Fix It

Getting a car maintained by a certified auto technician will be crucial in this regard. It will help fix different types of suspension problems, including the ones that are causing tyre squealing.

Low Power Steering Fluids

While determining the causes of tyre squealing, one should also check the level of power steering fluids. The power steering system uses hydraulic pressure to assist the driver in turning the wheels. If the fluid level is low, it can cause the power steering pump to work harder to maintain proper pressure. 

This can put a strain on the power steering system and cause the tyre to squeal when turning. Moreover, low-power steering fluid can cause difficulty in turning the steering wheel, impacting the vehicle’s overall handling. It can also be one of the reasons behind sounds coming from the steering wheel.

How to Fix It

It’s important to regularly check the power steering fluid level and top it off if needed to fix vehicle handling problems leading to tyre squealing. However, as the power steering system evolves, some cars now have fully-electric power steering. Since electric power steering systems don’t rely on fluids, they won’t encounter such fluid level issues causing poor handling. Besides low fluids, a bad power steering pump can also cause squealing noise from tyres.

Reckless Driving

Abrupt actions during aggressive driving cause tyres to lose road grip due to excessive forces. When drivers accelerate or brake suddenly or take turns at high speeds, it is what causes tyre squealing. 

Since reckless driving can cause a host of safety and mechanical issues, it is always better to avoid it and drive responsibly. Moreover, make sure to strictly adhere to driving rules in the UAE to prevent accidents and keep yourself and others safe on the road.

Bad Bearings

bad wheel bearing create a squealing type noise
Bad wheel bearings cause a grinding or humming noise, which is often heard as squealing

A squealing sound in a car may not always be caused due to tyre-related issues. For instance, when wheel bearings begin to wear down, they can cause a grinding or humming noise, which is often heard as squealing. This is because worn or damaged wheel bearings can cause the wheels to wobble or vibrate, which can cause the tyres to make a high-pitched squealing noise as they roll along the road.

How to Fix It

To fix the wheel bearing squealing problem, the damaged bearings should be replaced with new ones. However, this should be done by a certified auto technician to ensure proper installation of the worn parts.

Now that we’ve discussed the most common squealing tyres fixes and the problems that cause them in the first place, let’s wrap up here. Note that the aforementioned issues may occur due to a lack of inspection, a common car maintenance mistake which should be avoided to increase a vehicle’s life.

When picking a used car for sale in the UAE, take it for a test drive to make sure it doesn’t have squealing tyre problems before closing the deal.

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