INFINITI InTouch System

infiniti intouch

The automobile industry is continuously evolving since its inception in the 18th century. The brands are introducing cars equipped with technologically advanced and user-oriented features. A number of leading brands have advanced features to increase driver convenience and security and INFINITI is no exception. INFINITI, the luxury car division of Nissan, is reputed for introducing the latest features in their vehicles. That said, the latest INFINITI InTouch System is an advanced connectivity feature that elevates the driving experience, driveability and comfort.

Let’s take a closer look at the INFINITI InTouch System and its features in more detail. 

INFINITI InTouch Features

The InTouch is an in-dash system integrated with a wide range of features. Here we have mentioned all the features offered by the InTouch system.

Helps in Navigation

The InTouch system is integrated with an advanced car navigation system that guides drivers through different routes. The system provides audio cues and visual maps to aid in finding different locations. 

The destination assistance of InTouch is a live response system which responds to drivers’ queries and guides them on the road. Moreover, it also has a journey planner, in which you can pinpoint all the locations you have to visit and the InTouch system will show you every location on the infotainment system. 

INFINITI InTouch System maps
The InTouch System helps drivers to reach their destination using maps

Provides Entertainment

The InTouch system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to provide passengers with unlimited entertainment. Moreover, you can access your contacts and send and receive messages and calls through voice commands. 

Sync with Mobile Application

The INFINITI InTouch system can be easily synced with the smartphone app providing vehicle voice control through Alexa or Google Assistance. That said, through voice command, users can start their car, read appointments and get drive zone alerts. Alongside this, it also provides timely information regarding the vehicle including fuel consumption, speed and steering specifications. 

Enhance Safety

Since the InTouch system is synced with the phone, it can send alert messages and even dial emergency numbers or roadside assistance in case of an accident. You can also set the maximum speed, curfew alerts and driving zone to ensure the maximum safety of your loved ones.

Besides, here are some helpful tips for roadside emergencies in the UAE to avoid any hassle. 


The SIRIUSXM is an advanced car software that provides real-time information regarding road conditions, traffic and fuel prices. That said, you can use SIRIUSXM to know the latest petrol prices in the UAE and the nearest petrol pr charging stations to avoid any hassle while on the journey. 

How to Operate INFINITI InTouch System

The InTouch system can be controlled through voice commands or the mobile app. 

By Smartphone App

You can control the InTouch system by accessing the MyINFINITI smart app (Android | iOS). With a touch of a fingerprint, you can find your car, access personal assistance and lock or unlock doors.  

By Voice Recognition

You can control the InTouch System by using a voice-enabled mobile app like Alexa or Google Assistance. Using the voice command, drovers can start the vehicle, turn lights on and off and control other major functions. 

INFINITI InTouch safety feature
In case of a roadside emergency, the system can automatically dial the emergency number


Can I use the INFINITI InTouch System before buying a car?

Yes, you can use the system while test-driving or ask the dealership to demonstrate how the system works.

Will the map on the system be updated automatically?

No, the map in the system will not be updated automatically. Rather, you have to purchase and update the map manually. 

What to do when the INFINITI InTouch System freezes?

The InTouch system is an operating system that can hang or delay response in rare cases. Simply wait for a few minutes, the system will start functioning normally. If not, then you have to reset the system. Press down the Audio Power knob for 5 seconds and wait for the system to reset automatically. 

These were all the benefits of the INFINITI InTouch System. The InTouch is a technologically advanced feature that provides different types of assistance and convenience to drivers. However, the system and all of its above-listed functions can vary from model to model. Therefore, when buying a used INFINITI car for sale in the UAE, make sure it has an InTouch System. 

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