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Waking up in the morning and finding dust, dirt or bird droppings on your vehicle sounds frustrating. That’s where a car cover comes into play. When you park your car, you can cover the vehicle to protect it from scratches, dust or debris. But why are car covers so important? How to select the right one?

Here, we have covered all the details about the car cover benefits, types and how to choose the cover for your vehicle.

Benefits of Car Covers

A dirty car can be subject to a fine in the UAE. If you accumulate these traffic fines in Dubai or other emirates, your vehicle can also get impounded. Moreover, the car, being an expensive investment, requires ultimate protection.

The perk of these covers is less maintenance. Let’s go through the car cover benefits in detail:

a car cover protecting car from sunlight
Whether it is rain, sunlight or a dust storm, car cover protects your car from dust, dirt and water

Keeps Your Car Clean

Since adverse weather conditions can subject a car to damage, vehicle covers can keep your car clean. For instance, if a dust storm arrives and your vehicle has a cover, it will not catch dust. Besides, you can learn to drive in a dust storm and protect your vehicle from any damage.

Protects the Windshield

Dust particles can damage the car’s windshield. Moreover, high temperatures and sun rays can crack the windshield. Using a car cover is one of the methods to prevent windshield damage from summer heat.

Shield Your Car From Scratches

A car cover of the correct size can protect your car fenders, bumpers and exterior body from scratches. You can learn to remove different types of car scratches. However, you can prevent these scratches by covering your car as a precautionary measure.

Avoid Car Corrosion

Different weather conditions can affect your car’s exterior. Using the all-weather covers reduces the chances of corrosion and damage to the car paint.

Reduce Moisture in Cars

UAE witnesses high humidity levels and soaring temperatures. It can cause moisture inside a car that can affect visibility. If you are preparing your car for summer, the covers keep the car cool. That said, it becomes one of the methods to reduce moisture in your vehicle.

How to Choose the Car Cover for Your Vehicle

When you get a car parking in Dubai, your vehicle can be subject to dust or unforeseen weather conditions. Although you shouldn’t park your car under a tree, the bird droppings or sap can damage the vehicle paint if you get parking there. That said, car covers prove helpful in these conditions. 

Vehicle covers have different types, materials and purposes. Let’s learn about them.

Choose From the Different Types of Car Covers

When choosing car covers, you will come across various kinds. The following are car cover types and their purpose.

a car covered in the garage
You can use indoor car covers if you have a garage

Indoor Car Covers

If you park your car in a garage or under shade, the indoor vehicle covers are the perfect choice. They use lightweight material and can protect your vehicle exterior in the garage. Plus, an indoor car cover is less expensive.

Outdoor Car Covers

When you park the car in an outdoor space, it is subject to harsh weather conditions. For that reason, you can use outdoor car covers. These covers are heavier and more durable. Additionally, they can protect the car from UV rays and water.

All-Weather Car Covers

Whether it is a hot sunny day or rainy weather, all-weather car covers are made of heavy-duty material that withstand rain, sunlight and dust storms. Since UAE witnesses extreme summer temperatures, these car covers can become an ideal choice.

Custom Fit

Sedans, SUVs or crossovers – all have different wheelbase and dimensions. Therefore, each vehicle requires a different fit. When you buy a car cover, you can search for the one that fits your vehicle’s dimensions.

Universal Fit

If you don’t know the actual dimensions, universal-fit car covers are the way to go. For instance, if you buy a used car in the UAE and can’t find the fit, you can purchase a universal car cover. However, it can be loose or tight. If it’s loose, it can get blown from the wind, and the car can catch dust. Besides, if it fits completely, it can leave scratches on your vehicle.

Special Car Covers

sports car in a blue car cover
Sports car covers are made up of nylon material

Vintage and sports car owners don’t miss any detail on their vehicles. Vintage car covers are made of nylon materials that withstand harsh weather conditions. Moreover, they are the most expensive covers since they are special and protect the cars, unlike other covers.

Select a Suitable Car Cover Material

A car cover’s price and durability can vary depending on the material. Here are the materials used to manufacture different car cover types.


It can withstand different conditions. This material is mostly used for indoor car covers. It can deteriorate under harsh sunlight. Moreover, it is water-resistant but not water-proof. 


It is a synthetic material, also used for shopping bags. It protects the cars against water and dust but is a flammable material that gets warmed when subjected to direct sunlight. PVC car covers are also indoor ones.

a car covered in a parking
Ensure using a car cover according to the conditions


Lightweight, breathable and water resistant are some of the qualities of polyester covers. Manufacturers mix polyester with cotton, satin or velvet to produce an even higher-quality car cover.

P.E Waterproof

This car cover material is common for plastic bags and packaging. Polyethylene is flexible, durable and waterproof, making it one of the best car cover materials.


PU, or Polyurethane, is a common material used for outdoor car covers. It is lightweight and can endure rain, heat or dust. This material is common in the making of artificial leather bags.


The best and the most expensive car cover material is Nylon. It is specially used by vintage, sports or classic car owners to protect exterior body paints. It doesn’t absorb water. Besides, it is easy to clean.

Places to Buy Car Covers

Motorists have several options to buy car covers online or from physical stores. Here are these options:


A leading classified platform where you can buy or sell anything. From vehicle parts to essential car accessories, you can find everything on dubizzle. Moreover, it is one of the best places to buy car covers online.

Other Stores

Alongside dubizzle, there are several places to buy car covers in Dubai or different emirates where you reside. Ensure to check the material and type before you buy these vehicle covers.

a car light coming out of the car covers
Use car covers that are lightweight and durable


What is the best material for a car cover?

The best car cover material depends on whether you park your car outside or indoors. Plus, the weather conditions and car type can help determine the covers better. For example, if you have a classic car, you must use nylon classic car covers as it is more durable than other materials.

What is the best colour for a car cover?

While it is the least of the concern when buying a car cover, you can choose a light cover, such as silver or light grey, to reflect sunlight and keep your car cool.

These were all the details on how to choose a car cover. You can buy these car covers online from the plethora of options available in the car parts and accessories for sale in the UAE. Moreover, you can buy it from the auto parts shops. For interiors, you can check places to buy car seat covers in Dubai.

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