Common Windshield Problems and Simple Ways to Fix Them

Common Windshield Problems and fixes

The car windshield serves as a protective barrier and guarantees clear visibility. Beyond its protective function, it is a component that significantly impacts a car’s safety, structural integrity and overall driving experience.

On the other hand, car windshields are susceptible to many issues, including chips, delamination, hazing and weather damage, which compromise safety and visibility. That said, we have outlined the common windshield problems and fixes to help car owners maintain their vehicles in optimal condition.

Common Windshield Problems and Fixes

Let’s go through the common problems with car windshields and solutions to address them promptly.  

Small Chips or Cracks 

One common issue car owners encounter with their windshields is the small chips or cracks. These are caused by road debris or stones impacting the glass surface. These chips and different windshield cracks, though initially minor, pose a significant threat to the integrity of the windshield.

Common Windshield Problems to Avoid
A common windshield problem is th development of minor cracks or scratches on the surface

How to Fix 

Immediate professional repair is crucial for small chips or cracks. The process involves assessment, cleaning, resin application and curing to prevent further damage. It maintains windshield integrity and offers a cost-effective alternative to replacement. Moreover, there are several consequences of driving with a chipped windshield such as vision blockage.  

Windshield Scratches

Scratches are another common windshield problem. These hinder visibility and create glare during driving.

How to Fix

Minor scratches may be polished out by professionals. On the other hand, deep or extensive scratches may necessitate windshield replacement. Here’s how you can repair a car scratch if you come across one on any other part besides windshield.

Hazing and Discolouration 

Over time, windshields develop hazing and discolouration due to harmful UV rays and environmental pollutants exposure. This accumulation significantly diminishes visibility through the windshield, posing a hazard to safe driving.

How to Fix 

To address windshield hazing and discolouration, regular cleaning with glass cleaners is vital. It eliminates the accumulated pollutants and grime, restoring clarity. However, if severe discolouration persists, the most effective solution is to replace the windshield for optimal safety.

Common Windshield Problems and Fixes like discolouration
To overcome windshield discolouration, one must ensure cleaning it regularly

Weather Damage 

Another of common windshield problems is the stress induced by extreme temperatures. These conditions can lead to damage or cracks in the windshield, potentially compromising its integrity. Moreover, you can also go through these tips to drive in a dust storm in Dubai to avoid any inconvenience and be safe.

How to Fix

To prevent car windshield damage from summer heat, always park your vehicle in shaded spaces. In addition, use shades for the windshield and ensure prompt repairs. Avoid turning on the AC instantly if your car has been parked under the sun for a long time since this temperature change can damage the windshield.


Pitting results from small, shallow divots on the windshield’s surface. It is often caused by sand, gravel, or small particles and is harmful to windshields. 

How to Fix

Polishing or resurfacing by a professional can alleviate minor pitting. In more severe cases, replacement may be required. 

Damaged Windshield Wiper Blades 

Damaged or worn-out car windshield wiper blades are another factor that compromises the windshield’s integrity. Over time, these blades lose their effectiveness and may scratch the windshield’s surface, impairing visibility and creating a safety hazard.

types of Windshield Problems like damaged wiper blades
Damaged or worn-out wiper blades also affect the structural integrity of a windshield

How to Fix 

Prompt replacement of the wiper blades is crucial when signs of wear or damage become evident. By proactively maintaining the wiper blades, car owners can prevent potential windshield damage and ensure safe and unobstructed driving conditions, even in adverse weather.


One factor that compromises the strength and durability of a windshield is delamination, a process where the layers of the windshield separate. It is a result of prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, or environmental stressors, leading to the weakening of the glass.

How to Fix 

While minor delamination may be addressed through professional repair techniques, in cases of severe delamination, the most effective solution is windshield replacement. Additionally, to prevent delamination, regular car windshield maintenance is necessary, as well as protecting it from extreme temperatures and moisture.

Incorrect Installation 

Improper installation of a windshield gives rise to a myriad of issues that extend beyond aesthetic flaws. It can lead to problems like water leaks, intrusive wind noise, and most significantly, compromised safety. 

How to Fix 

Ensure that windshield replacements are performed by certified professionals using high-quality materials. Proper installation is key to avoiding these issues.


What are some of the most common windshield problems to avoid?

Some of the most common issues car owners might include windshield cracks, pitting or worn-out windshield wiper blades. 

Which factors affect the integrity of a car’s windshield?

A variety of factors like impacts from road debris, harsh weather conditions and improper maintenance affect the structural integrity of a windshield. That said, you can consider the above-stated common windshield problems and fixes to help you in the matter.

What Kind of Windshield Cracks Can Be Repaired?

Windshield cracks that one can repair easily include small, single-line cracks and star-shaped or bullseye chips. However, they must be within a certain size and not in the driver’s line of sight

All in all, these were some of the common windshield problems and fixes. Such issues pose a safety hazard and undermine the well-being of both drivers and passengers. If you face any of the problems listed above, consider the suggested fixes for common windshield problems. 

Moreover, if you’re hunting for a new or used car for sale in the UAE, make sure to have it checked right away to spot and address issues like windshield problems.

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